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Who Are We?

Kiddoo – A state of art pre – school, is part of the Dhanwani Group. This is dynamic, constantly evolving nucleus, imparting education at various levels. The motto of the group is excellence in Education and the members of the group make every effort to live up to this ideal. Today it has multifarious activities that cater to the needs of children as well as adults

Our unique program

Throughout his/her life. Your child will take in new information through his/her senses. Like you, your child has five main pathways into his/her brain. He learns by what he sees, hears, touches, tastes, feels and smells. The better the pathways (on which all his future learning is based) will be laid.

For the first eight years of life, and specially the first four, the child has a truly absorbent mind, he/she simply soaks his/her experience we take advantages of this at Kiddoo by providing as many sensory experiences as possible

Our infrastructure

Infrastructure at our play schools has been specially designed to suit the young, bouncy and eager preschoolers, keeping in mind their inquisitive and explorative nature. The arrangements at our play schools promote learning through, and with, fun and cheer. The bright facade of our play school and the clean, colorful interiors combine in creating the perfect atmosphere for the children to pick up the basic skills.

Your child is in safe

A safe learning environment is essential for students of all ages. Without it they are unable to focus on learning the skills needed for a successful education and future.

We at KIDDOO not only groom our students academically but also think about their safety and convenience. So we have our transport facility which helps the students reach home safe and happy. We provide a female attendant too in the van to take personal care of the kids. Our

Why Kids Love Us









Parents Testimonials

They always have something nice to say about us

Reshma Bhimwani

My child is studying in Nursery at Kiddoo. Seriously telling, I am so happy and satisfied with school as I see my kid growing up confidently and happily. The environment provded in the school is just like home. The teachers and other staff members are very helpful and kind kind. Besides studies, other activities like dancing, table manners etc. are also taught in this play school which are equally important in grooming the child.

Barkha Tatawat

Choosing a nice preschool takes both a lot of time for making all the considerations, just as much as for comparing all the different options it provides. As far as I am concerned, choosing this preschool was a great idea! Now I am tension free in terms of studies and security of my child. I know that my child is in safe hands. Daily my child is very delighted and looks forward to go to the school, this itself is very satisfying for me.

Asha Jhanjhot

My son Rudra, is studying at Kiddoo in KG II. In spite of my kids hearing loss problem he was given admission and now I am very happy to see him studying and excelling in studies. The teachers are very supportive. They also engage him in other activities and I can see dramatic improvement in him. Teaching young minds requires a delicate approach and I am very thankful to everybody at Kiddoo for helping my child with patience and dedication.