Harsita Dhanwani

Dilip Dhanwani is also director of KIDDOO. After completing his graduation he started joint venture named Oxford Junior College in the year 1998. Gradually with hard work and sincerity, he established other academic institutions in the year 2005 named KIDDOO and Lakshya Bankers. After few years in the year 2010, he started Dhanwani Girls Hostel for the surrounding area girls who want to get higher education. In the year 2014, he stared a joint venture named New Oxford Junior College. Socially he has also achieved heights. He has trustee of Indus Hospital and Research Centre, holds higher posts in sports associations like Table Tennis, Badminton, Athletics and also member of various executive bodies of Sindhi Samaj, Ujjain.



Harshita Dhanwani is director of KIDDOO. She joined KIDDOO and assisted her husband in progress of KIDDOO. After getting experience she started helping in all institutions related to her husband. She also actively participates in various social activities and member of executive bodies in Sindhi Samaj.