Evening Club

Evening club


Evening Club at Kiddoo are the perfect way to keep your child constructively occupied during the evenings.

The Vocabulary & Dance act motivates children to speak with expression and character. Group games and creatively thought out activities are great fun and gradually make the children confident speakers.

Drawing, Painting, Clay Modelling & Indoor Games gives children ample opportunity to explore their creative side. Skates & play zone ensures their physical development.

They say there is no difference between the man who can't read and the man who doesn't. Stories introduce children to a whole new world, giving them new ways to think about the world that they live in.

Whether you're eating at home, dining out, or having dinner with friends, good table manners for kids are an important part of every meal. We take kids out for laying the groundwork for good etiquette at the dinner table. It makes them pleasant dinner companions for family meals in the years to come.

Evening club involves lots of fun activities based on food and cooking. We learn where different types of food come from and how to prepare, cook and store food. We also go out on visits to different places including: shopping for ingredients, visiting different restaurants for a meal, watching sweets being made etc.


Mrs. Harshita Dhanwani

Mrs. Harshita Dhanwani is also director of KIDDOO

What attracted her to teaching initially was being able to make a difference in children's lives, giving them life skills and empowering them to develop self esteem and self worth. She feels rewarded when see her students full of enthusiasm and excited to learn each day.